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Find something new, inspirational, uplifting,positive, and that one thing that can help you get through this day.
"Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and Him only shalt thou serve."-Luke 4:8
God has never given a hint in His Word that He has appointed any man to be the head of the church.The doctrine of papal supremacy is directly opposed to the teachings of the Scriptures. The pope can have no power over Christ’s church except through usurpation.

Satan well knew that the Holy Scriptures would enable men to discern his deceptions and withstand his power. In order for Satan to maintain his sway over men, and establish the authority of the papal usurper, he must keep them in ignorance of the scriptures. [During the Dark Ages] the Bible and it’s sacred truths [were] concealed and suppressed.[People weren’t aloud to have bibles in their homes and they weren’t aloud to read it only the] unprincipled priests and prelates interpreted its teachings to sustain their pretensions. Thus the pope came to be almost universally acknowledged as the vicegerent of God on earth, endowed with authority over church and state.

[With the Bible] the detector of error being out of the way, Satan was able to work accordingly to his will. Prophecy had declared that the papacy was to “think to change times and laws.”Daniel 7:25. [Satan wasn’t slow in trying and leading God’s children away from the truth.] To afford converts from heathenism a substitute for the worship of idols, and thus promote their nominal acceptance of Christian worship. The decree of general council finally established the system of idolatry. To complete the sacrilegious work, Rome presumed to expunge from the law of God the second commandment forbidding image worship, and to divided the tenth, in order to keep the number. 

The spirit of concession to paganism opened the way for a still further disregard of Heaven’s authority. Satan, working through his unconsecrated leaders of the church, tampered with the fourth commandment also, and essayed to set aside the ancient Sabbath, the day which God had blessed and sanctified(Genesis 2:2,3), and in its stead to exalt the festival observed by the heathen as “the venerable day of the sun.” This change was not at first attempted openly. But with great subtlety Satan worked through his agents to bring about his object. That the attention of the people might be called to the Sunday, it was made a festival in honor of the resurrection of Christ. Religious services were held upon it. 

To prepare the way for the work which he designed to accomplish. Satan had led the Jews, before the advent of Christ, to load down the Sabbath with the most rigorous exactions, making its observance a burden. [Satan still works till this day to make the true Sabbath a burden when in reality it isn’t.] In the early part of the fourth century the emperor Constantine issued a decree making Sunday a public festival throughout the Roman Empire. The day of the sun was reverenced by his pagan subjects and was honored by Christians; it was the emperor’s policy to unite the conflicting interests of heathenism and Christianity.”-The Great Controversy pg.18-20

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. (Genesis 50:20)

These are the words spoken by Joseph to his brothers, years after they threw him in a well and left him for dead, then decided it would be better to sell him into slavery. God took Joseph on quite a journey; from slavery to the palace to prison, and back to the palace, where he landed a position as second in command to Pharaoh and in charge of the whole land of Egypt. Certainly, Joseph’s brothers intended to harm him, but the sovereign God never wastes our time.
.Did you hear that? God never wastes our time.

It may seem like it now as you live between jobs wondering how in the world you will be able to pay the bills…

It may seem like it now as you wait for God to bring the right mate into your life…

It may seem like it now as you recover from another round of chemo…

It may seem like it now as you live in the consequences of your sin…

It may seem like it now as you do your best to get through the day with your broken heart…

It may seem like it now as you recover from the death of a dream…

It may seem like it now as your life has seemingly been placed on hold…

But…the Sovereign, Almighty, All-Powerful God never wastes our time.

So hang in there! God is using every minute (every nano-second) to mold you into the person he needs you to be for the next leg of the journey. God is at work…He loves you with an unconditional love…He has given you an inheritance that can never perish, spoil, or fade…He has purchased you with the precious blood of his Son. He has eternity invested in you! Ask him what he wants you to learn and how he wants you to respond to today’s assignment. He is not wasting your time.

Father, for those who feel like they are stuck and their life is on hold…for those reeling from a difficult relationship or circumstance…please encourage them today with some tangible evidence that you are not wasting their time. In Jesus’ name. Amen.
The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek Lord lack no good thing
—Psalm 34:10
The Jewish Officer’s Son

"When the father heard about Jesus, he decided to go to Cana and ask Jesus to help his son. Pressing through the jostling crowd, he saw only a plainly dressed man, as dusty from walking the roads as he was himself. With a breaking heart, he almost lost faith that this common-looking person could do anything to help. But since he was there, he went ahead with his plan.

But Jesus already knew about the sick child. Before the officer had even left his home, Jesus had seen the painful situation. He also knew that the father had decided that he would not accept Jesus as the Messiah unless Jesus healed his son…this man would believe only if a miracle happened for him…Jesus said to the man, “You people must see signs and miracles before you believe in me.”(John 4:48)

When he heard Jesus’ words, the man suddenly saw his lack of faith clearly. In an instant, he saw that he was in the presence of Someone who could read his thoughts, Someone who had the power to answer any request.With a stab of pain, he realized that his doubt might cost the life of his son. He fell to his knees and begged, “Sir, please come with me! Please don’t let my son die!” 

Jesus recognized his new faith and his love for his child. He couldn’t turn from someone in such great need. He said, “Go, Your son will live."(John 4:50)…[The officer], not only did he believe that his son was healed, now he believed that Jesus was the Messiah, the Savior. [It was at the exact moment when Jesus said, "Your son will live" that the boy was healed.] [John 4:43-54]

Many times, we turn to Jesus when we want something. But Jesus wants to give us something greater than what we ask for-He wants to share a true friendship, one that doesn’t wait for a crisis or a selfish request before we speak to Him.

Like the officer from Capernaum, we need to learn to believe God before He answers our prayers. We can trust His promises. When we ask for God’s blessing, we can believe we have it and thank Him for it, knowing that it will come when we need it most.” -Man of Peace pg.60-61

Life can be magical when you have a clear set of personal rules to live by.  Here are my top 10 picks for living a happy, abundant life. (I hope they inspire you to create your own set of rules for living life to its fullest.) 
Life Rule #1: Look for the good side of everything
Whether it’s your partner, your brother, your pet, your home or work, try placing the majority of your attention on the things you really love and appreciate, rather than looking for the things you find tiresome or irritating.
Life Rule #2: Do what you love and love what you do. 
Try, as much as possible,  to live  a life that is  not tethered too tightly  to the actions and opinions of others. Do what you love and love what you do. 
Life Rule#3: Appreciate Where You Are Right Now 
As you work your way toward your ultimate goals and dreams, make an intentional effort to recognize that where you stand in the present moment is as much a gift as where you are going. Every day, look for at least one thing about your life RIGHT NOW that satisfies you. 
Life Rule #4: Have Some Fun 
Laugh, dance, do something  silly. Watch a funny movie, go for a swim, have lobster for dinner. Whatever you consider fun, pick something, and Just Do It. 
Life Rule #5: Say What You Need to Say
Don’t hold back…if you want to say, “I love you,” say it. If you need to say, “You hurt me,” say that too. 
Life Rule #6: Surround Yourself With People You Love
Make a list of the people who  make you feel safe, inspired, happy, and motivated. Keep them close and let them know, on a regular basis, how much they mean to you. 
Life Rule #7: Forget About The Money (If  just  for a little while) 
Sure, money makes the world go ‘round, BUT if everything you do is monetarily based, you’re  destined to miss a lot of life on the way to your “riches.” Make a habit  of doing  at least  one thing every day that doesn’t cost  you a penny or make you a dime. 
Life Rule #8: Focus on what is not temporary
 Contrary to popular belief, life is  not about struggle, conflict and endurance. Often, simply deciding that you will look the other way, turn the other cheek, or smile and say “no problem,” can spell the difference between misery and happiness. It’s always your choice. 
Life Rule #9: Think about the needs of others 
Neither everything is about us, you have to decide be consumed by the needs of others too.
 Life Rule #10: Put God above all else
 God is our base. Your word, your love and your mighty hand can do everything. Our faith moves mountains and in his way and only in his way we will find happiness.

 Wybrand Hendriks - Fruit, Flowers and Dead Birds Detail
The Woman at the Well
“They told the woman, “Now we believe that He is the Messiah-the Savior of the world-not because of what you told us, but because we heard Him ourselves.”
With the visit to Samaria, Jesus began to break the walls between Jews and Gentiles[people that weren’t Jews]..He cared nothing about the Pharisee’s customs. [Back then Jews were not aloud to socialize or even accept help from gentiles.] He ignored their prejudice and accepted the hospitality of the despised Samaritans.He slept in their homes, ate at their tables, taught in their streets, and treated them with kindness and courtesy. The temple in Jerusalem had a low wall in the courtyard that only Jews could go past. But Jesus-the Creator and Reason for the temple-brought His salvation out to the Gentiles, to the rest of the world.
Those who claim to be Christians sometimes shun the outcasts of society. But no social shame, no race or nationality, or circumstances of life, can keep Jesus’ love from any person no matter how sinful. The gospel[The Good News] is for everyone.
Anyone speaking for Jesus can speak as easily to a small group as to a large crowd. Even if only one person hears the message, who knows how far it may reach or how many may be changed by hearing it?
The Samaritan woman was a more effective missionary than the disciples-she brought a whole city to hear Jesus. But every disciple is born into God’s kingdom as a missionary. Whoever drinks the living waters becomes a fountain for others. The grace of Jesus in a person’s heart is like a stream in the desert, refreshing all and saving those who are dying of thirst, eager for the water of life.”-Man of Peace pg.59
He said, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give will never be thirsty.”-John 4:13,14
“Those who try to quench their thirst with what the world offers will be left unsatisfied. People everywhere are searching for something that meets the needs of their hearts. Only Jesus can do that. The grace He can give is like living water-it purifies, refreshes, and strengthens the soul. Jesus wasn’t saying that only one drink of His living water was needed. Anyone who experiences His love will be back for more. He was saying that nothing else-not riches, fame, or pleasure-would attract them the same way. The heart will constantly cry for more of His love. And more is always available. We can drink and drink again.”-Man of Peace pg.56